(Repeat Student Programme)

A message from mr toh

If you didn’t achieve your desired A Level grades the first time round to make the cut for the courses you desire to apply for - you may consider re-doing your A Levels.

In your mind - there are probably plenty of considerations.

  1. Will I do better on my second attempt?

  2. Can I get the support I need?

Well the answer to the 2 above questions is - there is no guarantee that you will do better on the 2nd attempt because the question you really need to ask yourself is - what am I going to do differently the 2nd time round?

Plus - if your grades are not bad enough - your school will probably not allow you to go back to repeat your J2 - which means you have to re-take as a private candidate. Without a structured & disciplined school environment + the support system you get in a school - is it harder to do well? The answer is yes!

Therefore it is going to take a lot of hard work, and a lot of commitment to decide that

“Hey I’m going to re-do the A Levels and this time round I’m going to MAKE SURE I do better than the first time round!”

It’s not easy. And if you have decided to do that - then, we would like to support you.

If you are a repeat student, fill up the registration form here then drop us a WhatsApp message at 8182-3036 and tell us you would like to join the Repeat Student Programme. Provide us documentary proof of your A Level results and your registration for the A Level examinations as a Private Candidate.

Our rates extended to students who wish to join the Repeat Student Programme will be a rate of $280/month (4 lessons) - but you will have to commit for at least 3 months.

If you were an ex-student with Economics at Tuitiongenius, and you took Economics tuition with us when you were in JC1 / JC2 and for some reason you have decided to re-take the A Levels - you are welcomed to join us for *FREE (terms & conditions apply).

Under the Repeat Student Programme, students will be allocated a J2 class based on their preferences but also our availability at either the CCK branch or Coronation Plaza branch.

We will also provide access to ONLINE (not physical classroom lessons) J1 lessons and materials at a heavily subsidised rate at $20/monthly so that students will have access to both J1 and J2 resources.

Our recommended Math tutor, Mr Timothy Lim (Captain Mathematica) is also offering a Repeat Student Programme in collaboration with Economics at TuitionGenius. If you are taking Mathematics, you can consider joining the RSP for Mathematics under Captain Mathematica.