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economics at tuitiongenius was established in 2007 by top economics tutor mr eugene toh and is one of the top economics tuition programmes in singapore.

3 Common Problems of students taking A Level Economics

You find Economics concepts hard to understand

You don’t know the right techniques to write coherent or structured essays that answers the requirements of the question

You have trouble applying data using your understanding of theoretical concepts to answer case study questions

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The ETG Programme

more than 2000+ students have graduated from Mr Toh’s economics classes


Our programme is strategically planned in terms of both content & how we time the lessons.

We apply a 30 + 30 + 40 rule, 30% of our lessons are focused on content, 30% on skills & 40% on application & drilling.

Comprehensive, premium notes & cheat-sheets are made available every single lesson. Students are also given access to our extensive library of 200+ essay and case study answers .

We also have customised programmes for H1 students and students from Hwachong/Nanyang.

all the support that you deserve and need - never feel helpless again

Mr Toh cares genuinely about each and every student and provides extra support for students when they reach out.

Consultations are available - always, either via real-time support via WhatsApp/Video conferencing or scheduled face-to-face consults. Free. Always.

+the best online LMS where you can review past lessons again & our very own Youtube channel with bite sized videos explaining Economics concepts

We also have our very own online student & tutor collaborative tool for sharing of resources

more than what you get from a regular tuition programme - economics actually becomes fun

This is not your regular economics tuition programme out there.

Concepts are taught in a way where you find that Economics is actually made easy to understand.

Mr Toh provides “Care Packages” comprising of specialised tips, targeted essays and summarised notes to students when they are dealing with a topical test in school.

His predictions for the A Levels are always “on-point” and his students would have attempted “simulated papers” prior to the A Levels based on his predictions.


Mr Eugene Toh

Founder of Economics at Tuitiongenius

Founder of Economics at Tuitiongenius

founder, economics at tuitiongenius

Masters of science in applied economics,
singapore management university

executive masters of business management,
smartly institute

bachelors of arts in economics,
national university of singapore

published guidebook author,
”The essential guide to a level economics” series

12 years of tutoring experience,
>2000 students taught to-date



students taught

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Years of tutoring experience

Armed with 2 degrees in Economics & 12 years of tutoring - Mr Toh knows exactly how to prepare you for the A Levels!



students score an a or b at the a levels

Average distinction rate stands at 65%


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"Toh’s dedication to teaching economics is borderline insane: He’s pretty much teaching 24/7, clocking in about 30 to 40 hours of teaching and free-of-charge consultations with students which can be up to 20 hours or more.
This doesn’t include informal WhatsApp consultations, in which he says he responds, sometimes up to 2am or 3am.
After years of hearing teachers strictly forbidding contact with students after school hours, this is quite a different and personal approach Toh has taken to tutoring his students."



"From a pantry stocked with snacks, to McDonald’s for breakfast, to plane tickets as a reward for good grades – Eugene is on his way to making tuition not just enriching, but enjoyable as well.

And with screenshots of students thanking him for their A grades, to a seemingly endless list of positive testimonials – this approach is definitely working."


Anna Aye, CJC 2017

Mr Toh's lessons are easy to digest, and the economics examples he has provided are extremely useful and relevant in our work. Economics has always been a difficult subject for me and I struggled a lot with it in my first year, and even had trouble passing. Since joining the tuition in my second year, Mr Toh has been able to make economics fun and applicable to our daily lives, on top of allowing me to see a 3-4 grade improvement from when I first started. Those who struggle with economics as a new subject upon entering JC will definitely be able to benefit from attending Mr Toh's classes. My experience at Economics at TuitionGenius under the guidance of Mr Toh has been especially wholesome and meaningful. Mr Toh's concise but comprehensive notes are a step above the rest, and I'm glad that I am able to benefit from his teaching. Not only does Mr Toh cater to our academic needs, but the tuition centre staff are generally very understanding and continually provide us with snacks and freebies. Overall, the learning environment is very conducive and greatly beneficial for students struggling and wanting to do well for the subject. I would highly recommend it!

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bukit timah

587 Bt Timah Road #03-01B,
Coronation Plaza,
Economics at Tuitiongenius Academy, Singapore 269707

Our Bt Timah branch is conveniently located at Coronation Plaza #03-01B, next to Ann Chin Coffeeshop.

HCI - 2 mins walk
NJC - 1 min bus ride
CJC - 7 mins bus ride
RI - 7 mins train ride
ACJC - 7 mins train ride
SAJC - 13 min bus ride

choa chu kang

306 Choa Chu Kang Ave 4 #01-681, Thinktank Learning Centre,
Singapore 680306

Our CCK branch is just 2 mins walk away from CCK MRT & Bus Interchange, located near the row of banks, clinics and hair-saloons.

PJC - 5 mins bus ride
MI - 10 mins bus ride
YIJC - 20 mins train ride


Attend tuition from anywhere you want!

Our technology provides you with a fully immersive tuition experience where you can 'raise hands', ask questions (via a chatbox), engage in group discussions with other classmates attending the class! It will be like actually attending the class in person - but at your convenience.

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