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I find Mr Toh a committed tutor who does research to provide us with many economics articles and practices for the class. I get much more fruitful practices on essays and case studies during lessons from the group discussions and timed practices that allow me to gauge my understanding knowledge of the topic. Thanks Mr toh for providing such a unique tuition experience!

Emelia ong Jing Xian | Pioneer Junior College

Mr Toh has been a patient teacher who always tend to any questions that students have whenever possible. He always brings in real life examples about the global economy into lessons to help us understand better. His lessons provide us with comprehensive understanding and notes are easy to understand too. Mr Toh’s lessons are always interesting and he never fails to crack jokes with us occasionally. After attending his tuition, I have managed to gain more insight about the world economy and develop more interest in Economics. He is also a very understanding teacher who will try to help his students out after understanding various situations that they face. It is highly recommended to attend for this tuition! :)

Low Yee Koong | Anderson Junior College

Mr Toh is a very genuine tutor. He often shares his views on recent matters and the economic analysis behind them which is extremely useful in helping me to understand the current world. He is dedicated in preparing worksheets and handouts that helps to aid us with understanding of the topic. In addition, his lessons often involve interaction and engagement from students. All in all, I have benefitted greatly under him and I am grateful for that. ^^

Yu Yang Yue | River Valley High School

Mr Toh has been a really dedicated teacher, he ensures that not just the basics of your syllabus is being covered but also knowledge that your school does not cover. He makes the lessons very engaging through bringing in personal stories and interesting examples so that you will remember the topic being taught clearer. He cares for your welfare and always send encouraging messages and quotes to inspire you during your journey to A’levels. In addition, you will be well fed during his lessons and it will keep you energized and focused during the lessons. These lessons taught will make your interest in Economics to increase and more relevant to your life. Definitely should join as it makes your journey taking Economics more interesting and lively :)

Joelle Soe | St Andrew’s Junior College

Every lesson is always well-planned and interesting. Each lesson is not just about covering concepts but even going in depth. Mr Toh also covers with us about real-life events happening and evaluating them with us through discussions which makes learning even more fruitful. I personally really enjoy every lesson since they are not dull and Mr Toh is able to make them sound more understandable and interesting beyond classroom. Mr Toh is also a caring teacher who constantly sends motivational messages to remind us not to give u and press on.

Yeo Wei Ting | Jurong Junior College

The lessons here were extremely engaging as we were often involved in class and group discussions on relevant and updated issues regarding various economies. What defines the lessons here is that on top of content mastery, we are also exposed to many scenarios that we can apply our knowledge thus building on our examples and application skills that are certainly useful for our CSQ and essays. The notes are very concise and they often fill up the gaps left behind by mass lectures and they have certainly made learning Econs so much easier. I would really like to thank Mr Toh for his help over the past year through providing me with the confidence in learning Econs and making this whole journey so much more enjoyable.

Song Lizhi | Raffles Institution

Lessons with Mr Toh have been really exciting and fruitful. Lessons incorporated real life examples, making the study of economics extremely fun as we are able to bring it to real world context and see the world through the eyes as an economist. Notes are in the form of compact information that allows for quick points for me to remember whenever I read the notes. Mr Toh always shares the latest economy news to us in lessons as well as through the use of social media. Mr Toh always sets aside time to answer students’ queries, allowing for our doubts to be cleared, I would say that Mr Toh is the best Econs tutor out there as he not only has the economic knowledge, he also cares for his students and is passionate in teaching student economics.

Nicholas Koh | Catholic Junior College

After joining this tuition, I feel that economics may not be as hard as I once thought it would be. The effective practice and explanation that were easy to understand made me more confidant in the subject as a whole. Concepts were effectively reinforced and easily remembered, causing me to better understand and answer the questions with correct structure and economics analysis. The skills lecture were also extremely helpful in teaching me how to break questions down and to answer all parts of the questions properly.

Tan Hui Er | St Andrew's Junior College

Mr Toh’s lessons are clear and direct, delivering economic concepts and reinforcing them to the best of his ability with ease. Through attending 2 months of classes, I was able to pull up my grades from a S to a B during the mid-years of JC2 thanks to the constant revision of CSQ and Essay practices. I was able to apply what I had learnt in lessons easily in the various assessments and examinations in the college and answer questions from my teachers/lecturers.

Setho Yu Qing | Temasek Junior College

Mr Toh’s lessons focuses very intensively on exams skills that divides the process of question analysis and answering techniques. Into easily digestible and comprehensible flows that can be effectively applied to most, if not all, exam questions, which immensely benefited me in terms of approach to CAQ where I was previously befuddled by the sheer perceived variety of questions, which couple with the regular timed assessments and incentivised termed tests helped me develop a system of approaching an economics examination and helped significantly to reducing my apprehension of and bewilderment of economics exams.

Zhu Min Xi | Raffles Institution

Being from the O’ Level stream, I had absolutely no prior knowledge on economics whatsoever. It certainly did not help that I did not pay much attention in economics lectures in my school, and this was obvious from my poor grades. By mid JC1, I had hated Economics. When I first joined Mr Toh’s lessons, I was really shocked at the engaging and lively ways that he conducts classes. It was really an eye opening experience – that someone was actually able to make me interested in economics! I am extremely thankful for all the hard work and effort that Mr Toh puts into his lessons. He is definitely someone who can help with economics!

Zane Leow | Hwa Chong Institution

I have learnt a lot from Mr Toh over the past 2 years. I believe the main takeaway was to learn how to apple economics concepts in real life situations and it has definitely helped me to be able to better relate these concepts during case study or essay tests in school.. Mr Toh is also a very dedicated teacher who will give us feedback on how to improve and have various useful programmes to help us score well in econs.

Tan Yi Hua | River Valley High School

The Programme

The ETG Economics tuition programme was founded by Mr Toh in 2007 with 3 key aims: (1) to make content in the syllabus actually easy to understand, (2) to help students understand that doing well in the A Level examinations is also about applying the right skills, and (3) to help students fall in love with Economics.


The programme delivers results. Mr Toh has a unique way of imparting difficult content and skills in very digestible bits. If you dread studying Economics and find the content really dry and difficult - join us and you will be able to see the difference!


All our students see improvements in their results. Most top their classes and cohort in school examinations after attending our classes for just months. We daringly publish all our students' results on our website since we have nothing to fear.

Read what thousands of students who have gone through the programme have to say!


Our programme has also been featured extensively on various news media and newspapers such as Mothership, InCentral, The Straits Times, Zaobao, Wanbao, XinMin, Goody Feed & Vulcan Post

About Mr Toh

Mr Eugene Toh is one of the Top Economics Tutor in Singapore. He is the Founder & Managing Director for Economics at Tuitiongenius, ThinkTank Learning Centre, CEO & Economics Director for the Economics Anywhere online tuition programme Mr Toh did his post-graduate studies at Singapore Management University (SMU), graduating with a Masters of Science in Applied Economics. He is also an alumnus of the National University of Singapore (NUS) and did his BA in Economics at the Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences. He is currently doing a second Masters degree, an EMBA with Smartly Institute. Mr Toh is also the Author of "The Essential Guide to A Level Economics" guidebook series.

Mr Toh has more than 10 years of tutoring experience, and he is well known for his accurate predictions of A Level questions, and an ability to make difficult concepts easy for students to understand.

With more than 1000 handwritten testimonials by ex-students, hundreds of Facebook & Google reviews, Mr Toh is the most highly rated Economics tutor in Singapore.

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