free 2-way grab rides for students from dhs, tjc, tmjc and vjc

We are offering free Grab rides from your school to our Bukit Timah centre and from our centre to your home!

Here’s how it works*

  1. Sign up for any of our Bt Timah Econs classes with a friend#

  2. Grab to tuition from school (and from tuition to your home) with your friend and submit your receipts through an online form

  3. Our administrators will reimburse your fares to your bank account within 7 days

#To enjoy free 2 way Grab rides, you must register with a friend. If you register alone, you will be entitled to only free 1-way Grab ride

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Eligible classes

Select from any of the following classes conducted by Mr Toh at our Bt Timah centre (Coronation Plaza)

J1 Tuesday 7pm (VJC/DHS class)
J2 Wednesday 530pm
J2 Wednesday 730pm
J1 Friday 530pm
J1 (H1) Saturday 9am
J2 Saturday 1pm
J1 Saturday 3pm

*Due to overwhelming demand, J2H1 classes are not eligible for Grab subsidies


why join economics at tuitiongenius?

  1. Top Tutor - All classes are taught by Mr Eugene Toh (M.Sc. Applied Econs), who is a top Econs tutor in SG and a published guidebook author.

  2. Results - 75% of our students from the Class of 2018 scored an A for Econs at the A Levels

  3. Structured & Rigorous programme - Coverage of skills, content & application with concise & comprehensive notes given to all students

  4. Top-Notch LMS system - Access resources for all past lessons you have missed and review your area of weakness!

  5. Help is available whenever needed - Special help given during school examination period + 24/7 WhatsApp consult + schedule face-to-face consults with Mr Toh