Market Failure Lesson on 23rd August

Market Failure Lesson on 23rd August

80.00 105.00

on 23rd August we will be conducting a lesson on Market Failure at Coronation Plaza, 630pm - 830pm.
This is an Optional Market Failure lesson where it is appropriate for both J1 & J2 students to attend

We will be covering the following concepts

  1. How market failure occurs in the case of externalities

  2. How market failure occurs in the case of imperfect info / asymmetrical info

  3. Government policies in Singapore to resolve the above cases of market failure with contextualistion to the specific market

  4. Evaluation to government policies

Specifically we would like to examine the following markets

  1. The market for lemon cars

  2. The market for education

  3. The market for vaccinations

  4. The market for alcohol / gambling (one of the two - I’ve yet to decide)

Who should come?

  1. You don’t know how to write in a systematic way for market failure

  2. You are not clear about policies in Singapore

  3. You need help in Econs in general

PS: These hasn’t been covered in the A Levels in the last 3-4 years.

Please note that if you choose to go for either a LIVESTREAM session OR just watched the recorded video lesson - you can get a $40 discount off the lesson price. Use the promocode MARKETFAILURE123

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