Essay and CSQ Skills Booster Programme

Essay and CSQ Skills Booster Programme

400.00 1,600.00

The Booster+ Programme comprise of both Essay-Writing & CSQ Booster lessons. There will be a total of 16 lessons, each spanning 2 hours - all focused on skills. There is a discounted rate of $400 compared to the full price paying $1600 if you sign up for both the essay and CSQ programmes separately.

The Genius Booster Programme is a FULLY online programme where you will get access to 14 recorded video lessons & 2 timed trials.

The Essay-Writing programme focuses on the specific skills of incubating a good essay, and students are expected to have fluency in essay-writing and time management by the end of the programme.

The Genius Booster programme will focus on skills rather than content. Students who border-line passed their JC1 promotional examinations or feel that they haven’t acquired the necessary skills required should opt to attend this additional programme.

All lessons are recorded, so don’t worry about missing any lesson - you can always view the lesson online.

What will we cover in the 7 Essay-Writing Booster lessons

  1. Dissecting the requirements of an Essay Question

  2. Breaking down the key components of an essay

  3. How to write a strong & grounded introduction

  4. Stand, summary, definitions

  5. Why definitions matter

  6. Writing exercise

  7. Frameworks for writing an essay (The 4 ‘E’ approach)

  8. Effective paragraphing

  9. Topic sentences

  10. Writing exercise

  11. Writing effective evaluations for essay questions

  12. Difference between evaluative comments within body paragraphs vs conclusive evaluation

  13. Writing exercise

  14. Full Essay Practice - Graded

  15. Common mistakes in writing essays by students

  16. Purpose of writing a conclusion

  17. Writing a convincing conclusion with evaluative comments

  18. How to deal with ‘challenging’ essay questions that feels ‘out-of-the-norm’ & ‘curve-ball-type’

  19. Selection of essay questions in an exam

The Case Study Question application programme focuses on helping students understand the different types of questions that can be tested in a case study question, develop a framework for dealing with different types of questions, and help students develop competencies in addressing all case study questions by the end of the programme.

What will we cover in these 7 CSQ Booster lessons

  1. Working through a case study when you receive it

  2. Time management skills

  3. Addressing trends questions

  4. How to revise for case studies

  5. Structured framework for addressing lower order questions, 2m – 4m

  6. Structured framework for addressing higher order questions, 4m – 6m

  7. The DATE framework

  8. Using data from the case study

  9. Structured framework for addressing mini-essay questions, 8m – 12m

  10. Challenging the inadequacy of data

  11. Analysis of 4 x actual “A Level” case study questions

  12. Writing evaluative comments for case study questions

  13. Incorporating contextual knowledge, theory & data to answer higher order questions

  14. Full Case Study Practice - Graded

  15. Common mistakes in case study answers by students

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