Economics Essence Workshop (22nd October 2019)

Economics Essence Workshop (22nd October 2019)

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The Economics Essence Workshop will be conducted on 22nd October 2019, from 1030am to 530pm by Mr Eugene Toh.

What is the Economics Essence Workshop?

  1. Mr Toh’s best selling workshop, sold-out in most years

  2. Covers 20 Essential Essay Questions spanning across key MICRO and MACRO topics

  3. Attended by both Internal students (Mr Toh’s existing students) & members of the public

    1.    Wide range of topics covered
     We are covering 20 Questions! How long would you take to cover 20 questions on your own?
    Across the 10 microeconomics & 10 macroeconomics that we will be going through at the workshop – expect to cover all the essential topics such as

                                      i.     Demand & Supply

                                    ii.     Elasticities

                                  iii.     Firm Theory – Production & Cost

                                   iv.     Firm Theory – Market Structure

                                    v.     Market Failure

                                   vi.     Government Intervention & Failure

                                 vii.     National Income Statistics

                               viii.    National Income Determination

                                   ix.     Macroeconomic Aims

                                    x.     Macroeconomic Policies

                                   xi.     International Trade

                                 xii.     Globalisation

2.    Develop essay writing & structure planning skills
1 important reason why you should attend the workshop is to pick up essential essay writing skills & how to plan for your essay. Many study without understanding how to pick out essay requirements or do proper structure planning! We will be highlighting the structure of each essay so that you will be more familiar with them!

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