A Level Mock Exams & Answer Analysis

A Level Mock Exams & Answer Analysis

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Prior to the A Levels, Mr Toh will be doing an analysis of predicted A Level questions based on past year examination trends.

With this analysis, he will be conducting 2 sessions on 2nd November & 9th November where students will sit through a Mock Examination for both the Essay Paper & CSQ Paper.

After students have done the papers, Mr Toh will be going through the answers and also point our common mistakes that students would likely make in these papers.

10am to 1130am - Students will be given a FULL Essay Paper comprising of 6 questions. They will take 1.5 hours to do ONE Micro + ONE Macro question. This is one less than the standard A Levels due to time constraints.

1130am to 1pm - Answer Analysis for all 6 questions

1pm to 115pm - Lunch Break
115pm to 245pm - Students will be given 3 Case Studies comprising of 1 Micro 30M CSQ + 1 Macro 30M CSQ and a 45M H1 CSQ (at the A Levels, they will be given 2x 30m CSQs). They will do ONE CSQ in Full and ONE in point form (at the A Levels, they will do both CSQs in FULL)

245pm to 4pm - Discussion of answers for ALL 3 CSQs

Note: Only 10 slots are open to public, so register while stocks last!

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