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Macroeconomics Crash-course (June)

National Income Statistics & Standard of Living

10am – 12pm

·      Importance of various economic indicators in measuring economic performance

o   Economic growth

o   Price stability

o   Full employment

o   Favourable position of BOP

·      How to compare standard of living over time & space

National Income Determination

(AD & AS analysis) &

Macroeconomic Aims

1230pm – 230pm

·      Factors affecting AD & AS

·      Causes and consequences in relation to

o   Economic growth

o   Inflation & deflation

o   Full employment and unemployment

o   BOP deficit and surplus

Macroeconomic Policies

3pm – 5pm

·      Monetary Policy (includes Quantitative Easing)

o   Centred on Interest Rates

o   Centred on Exchange Rates (SG)

·      Fiscal Policy (includes Fiscal Austerity)

o   Discretionary Fiscal Policy

o   Automatic stabilisers

·      SS side Policy

o   To improve quantity, quality and mobility of factors of production

o   To increase efficiency and remove barriers to competition and trade in product markets

o   To give incentives and encourage enterprise

Globalisation & International Trade

530pm – 730pm

·      Factors affecting globalization

·      Benefits & costs associated with globalization

·      Theory of Comparative Advantage

·      Patterns of Trade (SG)

·      Protectionism

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