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student perks

Student Perks!

It is a well-known fact that tuition is a LOAD of fun with Mr Toh. Interesting, engaging, free food & drinks + all the help you need is available whenever you want it.

Perk 1: No extra charges for make-up lessons!

Makeup lessons - at your convenience

We understand that sometimes JC school life can be very tedious, there may be times when you may have something going on in school for that particular day and you can’t make it for tuition! No problem, just let us know in advance (subject to seat availabilities) and you can attend a make up lesson on any other of the listed days stated on our schedule. This is at no extra charge of course! Alternatively all of our classes are also available via live-streaming for a topup of $50/month and you never have to be locked down by 'timing' constraints. Skip classes whenever you want to and attend classes via 'live-streaming'!

Perk 2: No extra charges for additional time!

No extra charges for all the extra help you need

All students of Mr Toh are welcomed to stay back after lessons to clarify any doubts that you might have or if you need that extra help for your school homework. Students may also schedule a consultation session with Mr Toh to get the extra help they require, entirely free-of-charge! Alternative modes of help available: 24/7 WhatsApp consult, Video-conferencing, online collaborative channels with tuition class-mates.

Perk 3: No extra charges for additional help you need!

Extra Resources + Booster Programmes

Readings & extra resources provided by Mr Toh are a core feature of Mr Toh's economics programme. Expect to be fed on an almost daily basis on happenings around the world that relates to the A Levels curriculum tested. In addition, weaker students also have the option of attending booster programmes which are specifically tailored to the specific needs of students who are not doing well in school.

Perk 4: Clear, Concise yet Comprehensive Revision Package given before Major Examinations!

Clear, Concise yet Comprehensive Revision Package given before Major Examinations!

Panicking before your Mid Years/Promos/Prelims/A Levels? Before your major exams, a set of revision package notes will be dished out to every student to prepare them for the exam. Revision Package will include key recap of important points, questions to practise on, key concepts to note, recent economic trends globally and locally(for economics). These revision packages are very useful and will definitely give you an edge in preparing your examinations and helps you keep your focus.

Perk 5: NCosy classroom, Free flow of snacks and beverages!

The BEST classroom you can find + PREMIUM snacks & drinks pantry

One of the well-loved feature about Mr Toh's class is that there's always food! Mr Toh stocks all of his tuition branches with LOADS of snacks. (Hello Panda, Kinder Bueno, Twisties, Chips, Ice Cream, Candies, Gummy Bears, Cup Noodles etc) The best part? They are completely free of charge. Packet drinks too! Note that we were the first in the industry to do this! This is the kind of CARE philosophy we have here. Our classrooms also has bean bags & couches for you to unwind before and after class.