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Our Lessons

Notes and professional coaching for Economics to obtain your As for your A levels and school examinations. Small group tuition is the fastest, efficient and most cost saving way of understanding econs! Discussion helps you to widen your perspectives and clear your doubts.


Going through key content

Given the long hours and tedious assignments that commonly define the curriculum of Junior Colleges, it is challenging for students to be consistently able to keep up with the lectures and tutorials, much less having the additional time to prepare so as to gain the best out of these sessions.

At Economics at TuitionGenius, we understand that the students persistently face time constraints and key content and concepts are often not revised adequately. We will reinforce the understanding and application of the key content through explanations and worksheets that are within the syllabus, allowing for you to refine your knowledge and be able to elaborate economics in a clear and concise manner.

Hence, our tuition classes is suitable for all students; whether as a session for enhancing your conception of Economics through clearing your doubts or as a supplementary class in the event that the comprehension of school lecture materials are inadequate.


Essays and Case Study Application Skills

The real world differs tremendously from the different theories covered in Economics. It is hence undeniable that the application of theories and reality on questions do prove as a challenging task for students.

Given that the Cambridge ‘A’ Levels Economics case studies are increasingly focused on the ability of students in the delivery of content that consists of contrasts between theory and reality, the apparent contradiction between the two entities will be explained clearly within the tuition classes we conduct and there will be exercises whereby there will be a factoring in of essay and case study application skills to allow students to gain familiarly and expertise in the task.


Applying concepts to Singapore’s context

The Cambridge ‘A’ Levels papers are commonly related to the local economy, making it an unavoidable fact that students need to be immensely equipped with the necessary knowledge about the characteristics, components and key drivers of the Singapore economy. During lessons, an in-depth analysis into the Singapore economy would be done periodically, allowing for students to comprehensively grasp the elements of the entity. Also, comparisons will be made through the analysis of other economies as well, especially the rising ones like China and also the major ones like the USA and also Japan. The information that will be distributed and discussed will be accompanied with explanations and elaborations by us, ensuring that students can interpret the crucial data from the ever-changing world economic realities – the final result would be such that students are definitely about to provide evaluative comments on the situation from time to time, value-adding to the quality of the essays they produce.


Revision Packages and Extra Time

With the genuine acknowledgement that as the examination period draws near students will not be able to engage in long sessions of content revision, Economics at TuitionGenius will provide you with the exclusive, condensed and concise versions of the notes, allowing for a quick yet comprehensive consolidation of the concepts and content of Economics.

Also, we will be allocating more slots for classes by which will consist of timed practices at no extra cost, giving students an advantage since there are more instances whereby they can apply what they know and be able to track their improvements and grades – this gives students more confidence and also better accustomed to the actual Cambridge ‘A’ Level Papers.


Your own work

In school, assignments that are handed in often take extensive periods a time to be marked and returned. This proves to be relatively inefficient and detrimental for students, given that the understanding of concepts and also an individual’s writing style varies from time to time.

This is the main reason for the tuition centre to always attempt to return assignments submitted marked by the next week. The assignments returned will consist of the suggestions of how to improve from the tutor and also concise comments.


SMS-a-tutor / email-a-tutor service

Here at Economics at TuitionGenius, we understand that the need for the tutor to be able to attend to the students even when it is not during office or classroom hours. This free added service is readily available to all students, allowing for you to clarify uncertainties quickly, especially in the light of assignments, tests and examinations.