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Our Lessons

The Economics at Tuitiongenius programme was established by Mr Eugene Toh in 2007 and is one of the top Economics tuition programme in Singapore. Known to be fun, engaging, inspirational and results driven, most students improve by 3 to 4 grades upon joining us!


Meticulously designed all year curriculum gamed for exam success

Mr Toh has been tutoring since 2007, with more than 2000 students graduating from his tuition programme. He also has both a Bachelor's & Master's degree in Economics and working on a second Masters degree. His students are also consistently scoring As & Bs at the A Levels with many J1 students topping their classes or cohort for J1 Promo Exams.

With his experience, competencies and academic qualifications, he has designed a programme put together to help students whom may be initially struggling with Economics to become competent and qualified in the subject over time. Mr Toh believes in scaffolding & helping students learn & improve over small progressive steps.

Each lesson is carefully designed to fit within a Master plan & even the timing, when to conduct which lesson has been strategised to provide you with the necessary skills & knowledge for your examinations.


Learn to write high-scoring essays & evaluations

It is true that to write a good essay, you need to be competent in your content. However, even then, many students who understand their content well don't do well in their examinations. This is because essay-writing is a skill that requires deliberation, drilling & feedback.

We impart skills relating to essay-writing by breaking them down into digestible parts. First, identify & understand question requirements. Second, understand what goes into a good introduction. Third, writing strong body paragraphs that are concise but yet substantiated with a clear structure and focus in mind. Lastly, writing an evaluative conclusion that aims to value-add on points already made in the essay.

We guide students how to write their own L3 evaluations instead of getting them to 'memorise' ones that don't necessarily apply to the context of the question.


Applying concepts to Singapore’s context

Many students underestimate the importance of applying their answers to the Singapore context, not knowing that the Singapore economy features heavily in the A Level economics paper every year. Flip the TYS and you will see that the Singapore economy is featured every year

Mr Toh is an Economics graduate from both NUS & SMU having done many modules relating to the Singapore context and has also over his life acculumuated a strong competency & understanding of both Microeconomic & Macroeconomic issues & policies in Singapore. Issues & policies will be discussed in class like Moral hazard & adverse selection in healthcare insurance (Medishield Life & mandatory co-payments for riders), land transport issues (VQS & ERP)to price stability (the modest & gradual appreciation of the Singapore dollar via the 'BBC' framework & macroprudential policies aka cooling measures)


Using the "DATE" framework for Case Studies

Some students fail due to a lack of practice. Others fail even with repetitive practice. A significant minority fail due to inadequate time management.

Mr Toh's approach towards helping students score for Case Studies revolves around a simple framework he has devised - DATA, APPLICATION, THEORY, EVALUATION - the DATE framework. This begins with getting the student to ask - What THEORY is the question testing me on? After an explanation of theoretical concept, follw on to source for DATA from the case. Use the data found and apply using concepts learnt. Finally, evaluate.

Students can expect to be guided to hone & improve their skills on tackling case studies through repetitive drilling with the right inputs from Mr Toh. Such practices will be a core part of our curriculum.


The very best resources you can get

It is quite arrogant to argue that we have the 'best' resources. So let's define what we mean by 'best'. Most resources that you can find out there - you are likely to find one of the following problems. One - there is no clear organisation, you don't know what are the desired learning objectives at the end of each chapter, in other words - it's a bloody mess. Two - long chunks of texts everywhere that nobody reads which really means TMI (too much information). Three - Inadequate coverage of the curriculum.

You can trust that we develop sufficiently good resources. No, it's not that we don't make mistakes. We do (typos) but you can be rest assured you are getting the very best, relevant, concise notes & materials you can get! By this we mean, notes, powerpoint slides, bite-sized videos, cheatsheets, answers to essays & case studies & readings. Don't study more than you need to, don't take more time you should take to understand an otherwise simple concept.


Help, on demand, anywhere and anytime

Mr Toh believes that if you have a burning question in your head, you should be able to address them as and when you need to. It is frustrating when you are in the mood to learn, you have the thirst to improve but you can't get the help you need, right away.

We have a wide range of channels available for you to seek help as and when required. 'Instant' help comes in the form of 24/7 to Mr Toh's WhatsApp, Video-conferencing with Mr Toh, online collaborative channels with classmates. If you prefer the old-school one-to-one consultations with Mr Toh, you can book a consult. Such consults typically take one to two weeks advance booking but there are no extra charges for consulting Mr Toh in any form!