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frequently asked questions

Why should I join? What makes this programme so different from others?

The programme offered at Economics at TuitionGenius is highly effective in producing the desired results of students – the coveted ‘A’ grade at the Cambridge ‘A’ Level examinations. The programme will successfully allow you to understand the real world application of Economics in a fun and enjoyable manner.

Furthermore, Mr Eugene Toh is solicitous about the welfare of each and every student he tutors. Reviews of his lessons can also be found at the testimonials page!

What are the general weak points of Economics students?

Excelling in Economies requires students to be exposed to sufficient essay questions and case studies. Many students lack this exposure often due to the studying method they employ – commonly termed to be “armchair learning” which comprises of flipping through the school lecture materials which would seldom leads to improvements nor distinctions.

Also, the application of economic theory and concepts onto actual essay questions proves to be a challenging task for students, which seemingly caps marks to the lower range. Furthermore, students often mismanage the 2 hours 15 minutes that they have for 3 essays – they are predominantly engaged with the idea of finishing essays even in the event whereby the allocated time for a single essay is up. This culminates in a situation whereby they take too much time answering the first 2, leaving the last inadequately answered.

Lastly, students, on numerous occasions, memorise the graphs that they have learnt in school without understanding when the graphs are relevant. During the examinations, they habitually “plug in” the graphs wherever and whenever, even in inappropriate times.

What is your style of teaching?

As students are acknowledged to have relatively little time for making preparations before school lectures, Mr Eugene Toh seeks to provide his students with content that has yet been taught in school, so as to allow for school lectures to be major consolidation points for the students – maximising their benefit. The lessons also comprise of quizzes that will help students recap what they have previously learnt, retaining their understanding tremendously. The head start also gives students the confidence to excel in the school tests.

Essays and case studies will also be provided periodically – usually at the end of each topic, encouraging students to apply what they have learnt into the actual Prelims and Cambridge ‘A’ Level questions. The rigor that is practiced at the centre effectively gives students the ample experience they need – completing more than 50 Prelims and Cambridge ‘A’ Level Papers.

Students will also be consistently updated with the changing world economic realities – each lesson begins with the analysis of the past week’s major economic events around the world. For instance, the yearly Budget will be discussed thoroughly in lessons. This way, they are kept abreast of the issues and will be able to apply the new content into their essays.

Do you offer any subjects, levels or operate from any other location?

Well, do beware of IMPOSTORS! There is only ONE and only Economics at Tuitiongenius / Tuitiongenius. Mr Toh has been the SOLE tutor & owner for Economics at Tuitiongenius, and started his education business from humble beginnings in 2007. To ensure quality teaching, Mr Toh tutors all classes on his own and hires teaching assistants to aid in online consultations & administrative matters, but churns out all materials and teaches all classes personally in the last 12 years.

So, do beware if any tuition centre claims / pretends to be us. Here are the facts. There's only one tutor, Mr Eugene Toh. We operate out of 2 locations, Coronation Plaza & Choa Chu Kang. Mr Toh's programmes are also available online via Economics Anywhere. We offer no other subjects except for Economics.

What are some comments made by Cambridge examiners?

Cambridge examiners have commented that students that often inclined to replicate graphs without taking into the account the context of the question. The past year’s examination reports have also reflected that answers are at times seemingly fabricated, signalling the discontent that the examiners have towards students memorising answers.

With the aim of attaining credit from examiners, Economics at TuitionGenius will coach students to be capable of analysing question requirements and to think critically and be able to give the evaluative comment that would secure a distinction – instilling a thinking model within students would optimally dissolve the need for memorisation.

How do you manage students of different schools and aptitude?

Every weekly lesson is carefully planned out, with prescribed lessons objectives. Discussions, which take up the bulk of the time, allows for students to interact and learn from one another – a vibrant atmosphere is created and fosters a conducive environment. The interaction can be seen to be a levelling effect on the students. Each class faces a different balance between content and application as it depends on which aspect the class requires more coaching in.

Will all classes be taught by Mr Toh?

All listed classes held at TuitionGenius will be taught weekly by Mr Eugene Toh personally. Make-up lessons will only be scheduled in the unlikely event that Mr Toh is sick; a relief teacher will only be called in if his schedule does not permit one.

What happens during public holidays or scheduled school holidays?

Mr Toh believes that JC life is already stressful as it is. We will not take away public holidays from you. All lessons during public holidays will be re-scheduled to another date OR conducted online via live-streaming within the same week. The same applies for school holidays scheduled during regular school term (like Youth Day).

What if I can’t make it for a particular lesson?

Mr Eugene Toh takes more than 10 classes weekly and there should be sufficient slots available for make-up lessons to be made for you in the same week. Students are however required to give the centre prior notice in order to successfully schedule a make-up class. Alternatively you can topup $50 monthly to subscribe to the Economics Anywhere add-on. This allows you to either watch live-stream lessons for any on-going time-slot in the week OR watch past recorded lessons as a video. Never fear missing on a lesson again!

Is it possible for me to join at any point in the year?

Based on past year records, 95% of students that have enrolled at Economics at TuitionGenius at the beginning of their first year in JC attain a distinction at the actual Cambridge 'A' Levels. This number falls to around 75% if the enrolment date is pushed back a year. The overall percentage of students scoring A for Economics rounds off to round over 60% when taking into account the students that join in the middle of the second year of their education in a JC. A further look into our results can be found under our Results Page.

Given such a statistic, Mr Toh therefore seeks to recommend that students should enrol at the start of the year - a longer time preparing for the Cambridge 'A' Levels with qualified teaching and relevant materials will certainly grant students the edge for success.

Furthermore, the classes at Economics at TuitionGenius do fill up by April annually, especially for the JC1 classes due to the limited number of classes available for the level.

Is there a best time to join Mr Toh's Economics tuition classes?

Well if you do a cost-benefit analysis, based on the rational decision making framework, the choice is quite clear. Let's look at a cost point of view. Mr Toh practices price discrimination. Students who join early in JC1 have lower fees and they are locked in throughout the entire course of study. This is because tuition in JC1 is price elastic. Students tend to be distracted, less focused and unaware of the strenous requirements of the syllabus and tend not to be really looking for tuition at this point. Thus prices are lowered for JC1 students because when you lower price, quantity demanded increases more than proportionately. On the other hand, prices are increased for JC2 students, and the prices go higher when you join late in JC2. This is because at this point, your demand for tuition will become highly price inelastic (since your grades are pretty crap by this point). So - join early of course, that makes most sense!

I stay in the East / my JC is in the east. How can I attend your classes when your branches are in the West & Central?

For students who stay in the East or JC is in the east, we have the perfect solution to your problem. Attend Mr Toh's online lessons called the "Economics Anywhere" programme. Economics Anywhere provides all the value of classroom physicall lessons but you can access them online instead. Access live-stream classes, bite-sized video lessons, collaborative learning and the high quality notes from our online tuition platform

If you feel that you would absolutely still like to be enjoy the full classroom experience, we provide SUBSIDISED GRAB rides for students who are in the East. Yes you heard absolutely right, we are going to subsidise your trip from your school to the tuition centre, and from the centre to your home. The amount of subsidy goes up when you sign up with a friend or more!

To find out more about our subsidy scheme, contact our Student Liaison Officer Jing Yong @ 91290685 for more details

Are there any other tutors you would recommend for other subjects.

NOTE: The tutors mentioned below are not affliated to Mr Toh. They run & operate their own businesses and Mr Toh DOES NOT receive any commission or incentive from them to promote them in anyway. These are friends of Mr Toh whom Mr Toh testifies to their dedication to teaching.

Mr Toh recommends the following tutors. For Primary School Mathematics, Genius Plus Math by Mrs Eileen Toh. For JC Mathematics, Captain Mathematica by Mr Timothy Lim. for Sec & JC Physics & Chemistry, Mr Daniel Tong & Mrs Juine Tong from Physics & Chemistry Studio

I'm weak in content. How can your classes help?

I guess it certainly helps that we do re-teaching of content from scratch. All core concepts that are covered in the MOE/SEAB curriculum will be taught in our classes. In fact, private candidates who have had no prior background in the subject are welcome to join us.

Do note that Mr Toh teaches content usually early in the term and focuses more on skills & application nearer to the exams. For students who wish to revisit content teaching can do so in our online classes or attend our crash-courses

I'm weak in skills. How can your classes help?

Content & skills are of equal emphasis and are both integrated into the programme and strategically placed in the time of the year where they will be the most relevant. Skills lessons are programmed nearing the exam period.

Students who are especially weak in skills should sign up for the weekly skills booster programme to get the additional drilling and learning that they need.

What do I have to pay when I register? Are there any fees or charges?

For course fees, you can pay either by monthly basis or by term basis. Monthly basis will be 4-5 lessons depending on the month (lessons are doubled in the September & October period when we move into intensive revision) while term payment will be charged for 12 to 17 lessons depending on the number of lessons in the term.

There is a one time-registration fee of $50. Materials fee is chargeable once per year at $50. We also collect a non-refundable deposit of equivalent to two lessons fee that can be used to offset partial fees for the Economics Essence Workshop conducted at the J2 (alternatively you can use it to offset your last 2 lessons with us)

Do you have a Financial Assistance scheme for students?

Yes, up to 10% of our slots annually are reserved for students who come from financiall disadvantaged background. Students who qualify for the MOE Financial Assistance scheme will automatically qualify for our programmes. Drop our Student Liaison Officer an email at [email protected] to apply.

Tuition is free-of-charge, students will pay an administrative fee of $50 per month to cover materials & other administrative costs. This administrative fee can be waived on good attendance & performance in class.

Do you have crash-courses?

It is in Mr Eugene Toh’s belief that crash-courses are largely ineffective sessions that produce minimal results or assistance and are very expensive due to the “highly demand price inelastic” nature given that students seeking to enrol in it are relatively weaker and have a limited amount of time to prepare.

Mr Toh firmly strives to give his students the comprehensive coverage of Economics instead of a short course that would seemingly rush through the entire syllabus. He also deems that the essential contact and key skills are entities largely impossible to impart within a minimal time-frame and that students are less able to absorb content and skills upon the expiry of their attention span.

While firmly believing that results are a product of hard-work & consistent effort, Mr Toh does recognise the demand for such crashcourses, and crashcourses are here to stay regardless of whether he's there to supply such a good. Therefore Mr Toh does provides a number of crashcourses to the best of his ability, packing as much content & skills within such courses.

Mr Toh alsoconducts an annual end-of-year workshop at a discounted rate for his students with the aim of providing students with more exposure to the various essay questions that cover the syllabus. During this workshop, he also reiterates the crucial essay writing skills. This supplements the regular lessons and gives students the final preparatory materials for them to answer the different possible types of essay questions that can be asked in examinations.