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extras for the students

Annual Economics Workshop

Annual Economics Essence Workshop

Each year, we will hold a Pre-A Level Workshop in October. The workshop focuses on the key content and skills required to deal with the A Level examinations. Approximately 20 essay questions will be chosen from the year's preliminary examinations from all JCs and students will be taught the skills and content required to answer these questions. The attendance for the workshop each year has been FULL HOUSE over the past 5 years, priority will be given to students under our programme and fees of the workshop will be heavily discounted for Mr Toh's students. This workshop is one of the "must-attend" workshops if you wish to improve your chances of doing well for the A Levels. This is especially so since the essay questions picked by Mr Toh will be based on his analysis and predictions for the year's exam. Reserve a spot for the workshop now to avoid disappointment. Find out more here.


The Essential Guide to A Level Economics

Students under our tuition programme will automatically receive the first guidebook authored by Mr Toh FREE OF CHARGE (its included in the tuition materials fee paid). All our students will receive the first guidebook free, and are entitled to purchase additional books in the series at a 35% discount. Mr Toh is the author of the "Essential Guide to A Level Economics" series, a planned series of Economics guidebook tailored specially for A Level students. The first book is already out in bookstores like Popular (alternatively you can purchase online). Later book in the series are projected to be released in 2019.


Access to the COOLEST LMS & Collaborative Learning Tools

All students will be added to our online collaborative tool where they will be able to share resources, discuss economics questions, seek help for homework & access recommended readings OR just simply chill out and chit-chat. In addition, students have the option to top up $50 to gain access to all of our online Economics Anywhere resources - Gain access to all classroom lessons via live-stream, bite-sized concept videos, premium notes & slides as well as assessments, quizzes and more. In other words, skip tuition whenever you have to - make up for it online via our live-stream lessons. In a world where everything is automated and available online, there's no reason for tuition not to be.


Extra Lessons in September & October

In September & October, we shift two gears and move on to our intensive revision programme where J2 H2 students will attend 2 lessons weekly instead of 1. At this stage, lessons will be focused more on skills, practice, drilling & predictions. This allows us to complete what we need to be adequately prepared for the A Levels. The programme is made optional for H1 students. A similar programme is conducted for JC1 students, but in August & September instead.


Weekly Essay Writing & CSQ Booster Programmes

We noticed that two-thirds of our students register for our classes only when they enter JC2. This means that they have lost valuable time in terms of developing a concrete grounding when it comes to essay-writing & case study application skills. Many students have little problem understanding content but are unable to secure a good score at the exams. This means that they are lacking in the essential skills required to score! Essay-writing cannot be learnt over a short period of time, you cannot simply cram days before an exam and expect to be able to do well for the exams. In addition to regular tuition classes, students can attend weekly booster classes to hone skills in essay-writing & case study application.


Intensive Bootcamps & Content Crashcourses

Content crashcourses are conducted in June & September and covers key content topics over 8 lessons of 2 hours each. They are meant for students who are weak in content or joined us late. Intensive boot-camps are crazy intensive camps where we will cover a total of 16 case studies and 24 essay questions across two days. Such programmes are developed for students who are still struggling in J2 with basic content & skills.


Headstart Programme for JC1s

From October to December, we conduct a Headstart programme for JC1 students. The Headstart programme aims to strenghten JC1 Microeconomics foundation while giving students a headstart by introducing new JC2 Macroeconomics topics at the same time. Students can expect to learn about the Global Financial Crisis, Quantitative Easing, Fiscal Austerity, Income Inequality, Taxes in Singapore, Comparison of Standard of living in different countries & Current Economic Affairs