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extras for the students

Annual Economics Workshop

Annual Economics Essence Workshop

Each year, we will hold a Pre-A Level Workshop in October. The workshop focuses on the key content and skills required to deal with the A Level examinations. Approximately 20 essay questions will be chosen from the year's preliminary examinations from all JCs and students will be taught the skills and content required to answer these questions. The attendance for the workshop each year has been FULL HOUSE over the past 5 years, priority will be given to students under our programme and fees of the workshop will be heavily discounted for Mr Toh's students. This workshop is one of the "must-attend" workshops if you wish to improve your chances of doing well for the A Levels. This is especially so since the essay questions picked by Mr Toh will be based on his analysis and predictions for the year's exam. Reserve a spot for the workshop now to avoid disappointment. Find out more here.


The Essential Guide to A Level Economics

Students under our tuition programme will automatically receive the first guidebook authored by Mr Toh FREE OF CHARGE (its included in the tuition materials fee paid). All our students will receive the first guidebook free, and are entitled to purchase additional books in the series at a 50% discount. Mr Toh is the author of the "Essential Guide to A Level Economics" series, a planned series of Economics guidebook tailored specially for A Level students. The first book will be released in the first quarter of 2018 and the second book by the third quarter of 2018.


A 'Gamified' Learning Management System & Portal

Our students will be granted access to our secret online portal. Our students have access to a unique and super cool student portal designed by Professor Ben Leong. With our special LMS, students can do a recap of their lessin with Mr Toh through completing weekly assignments online. Assignments will be graded at no extra charge. Students will be able to unlock achievements, gain experience points, up their levels, and fight to gain the top spot on the Leader Board. There are also forums, virtual classrooms & resources made available on our portal.


Extra Lessons in September & October

An essential programme for the less confident JC2 students is made available in September and October where students can attend two lessons per week instead of one. These lessons are tailored specially to help potential 'B' students move to an 'A'.


Optional Programmes (Time Machine Series & Skills Programme)

We noticed that two-thirds of our students only join in JC2, which means they would have missed out crucial content building lessons with Mr Toh in JC1. To address this problem, Mr Toh conducts a series of modular based lessons known as Time Machine Series, whereby students can attend one extra lesson each month from January to June, which each lesson being a comprehensive package on a specific microeconomics topic. Also, through our quarterly tests, Mr Toh identifies students who are especially weak on either essay-writing & case study application skills. These students have the option of attending a 'skills' programme


CSQ and Essay Full Day Camps

A new project was launched in 2016 by Mr Toh as an experiment to see if he could help students struggling to do well in Case Studies improve their grades significantly within a short time-frame. With this in mind, he devised a "CSQ Boot-Camp" where students would go through an intensive 12 hour CSQ Boot-Camp with individual consultation & advice given to improve on their CSQ application skills. Indeed, students who attended the programme saw an average of 10 marks improvement in their CSQ grades in their prelim examinations. The CSQ Boot-Camp is limited to 16 students per session. Register early to avoid disappointment! An essay camp was also added in 2017 for those who are weaker in essay writing.


Economics Reading Programme

Mr Toh uses Facebook as a platform to share Economics articles with his students on a daily basis. Students need to know that they are expected to have an awareness of global and local Economic affairs. They need to know the economic situation of major global economies, of our major trading partners and also how Singapore is doing. Policies that governments undertake to address macro economic and micro economic problems are also shared through the dissemination of such articles through Facebook. Click here to like our Facebook page!